Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click marketing is an effective method of driving good quality traffic to your website with a relatively quick turnaround and ROI. If you want to generate leads or sell products quickly, PPC is a great strategy both short and  long term. The main drawback with PPC is the continued spend which can fluctuate up or down depending on the competition for your targeted keywords. We normally recommend initially using PPC alongside a more sustainable strategy, such as SEO.

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A Quicker Return on Ad Spend

PPC is a very effective method of search engine marketing, which gives you the opportunity to have your online ad displayed at the top of Google’s search results instantly, providing you are prepared to pay the monetary cost to do so.

The simplest way to explain PPC is akin to an auction system. We tell Google what your maximum bid is for any given keyword or search term and the business or individual with the highest bid for each specific keyword or phrase will be displayed as the 1st of up to 5 ads shown by Google above the organic results. The second highest bidder will be displayed second and so on…

You will only be charged by Google each time a user clicks on your ad. Reportedly, as much as 70% of Google’s massive revenue comes from paid ads which serves to highlight just how competitive this space can be. 

We will work with you to understand the potential ROI on Google ads and work out a sensible sustainable strategy to get you more traffic and business.

Pay Per Click Marketing

Simply having the highest bid isn’t going to get you traffic alone. We will work with you as we write highly targeted ads with the aim of attracting high quality targeted traffic, increasing click through rate (CTR) and your online conversion rate.

Google ads are easily tracked using Google’s own software with a clear view on your ad spend, number of impressions, number of clicks and conversions. This also give us the flexibility to be able to change your ad spend and really target specific demographics at different times and on specific days of the week. It really does give you, the business owner, real-time control over ad spend.

We can simply help you to understand how to target specific keywords and demographics through our analysis and our ability to write creative, effective and engaging ad copy to really encourage those lucrative clicks. We will then continue to regularly test, measure and improve to ensure sustained results and revenue.

Pay Per Click Services

We use a combination of techniques and processes to fully optimize your site to be found by search engines, here’s a snapshot of the things we cover…

Keyword Research

Keyword analysis is the foundation of any successful PPC strategy. By understanding your business needs ad goals, we can create a bespoke plan to get you more quality website traffic.

Ad Design and Creation

We will use our proven ad building formula to create the perfect ad to encourage a high click through rate and conversions.

Test & Optimize

We will test your ads and get rid of what doesn’t work and double down on what does work to ensure maximum ROI.

Conversion Tracking

We will continue to monitor you ad performance with an eye on continuous adjustment and improvement to maximise clicks

Why Use PPC?

The benefits of PPC are not only plentiful but also tangible…

When your PPC campaign has been correctly designed and implemented you will see increased traffic very quickly.

PPC makes it easy to target specific demographics with layers of target criteria.

Real-time control over your ad spend with the ability to instantly stop poor performing ads.

Build up your ad spend as your campaigns become successful, keeping costs under control.

With ads targeted on specific keywords and demographics, the buyer intent is generally high which should result in high conversion rate and ROI.

With plenty of data available, PPC is easy to track, analyse, improve and control going forward.

Data fromPPC campaigns can be effectively used to feed into SEO campaigns.

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